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Panasonic heat pumps for heating

With solid fuel and gas increasing in price, many households face a challenge of searching for more cost-effective, advantageous and convenient variants for heating.
Panasonic heat pump is a structurally simple, comprehensive solution for a household that ensures not only heating but also hot water supply and air conditioning. When using Panasonic heat pumps, you obtain 4-5 kW out of every 1 kW of electricity, thus reducing your heating bills by 30-60%.
Easy control, minimum maintenance and high efficiency make Panasonic heat pumps the most convenient and cost-effective solution for heating.



Panasonic air to water heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and transfer it to the inside of a building for heating and water heating purposes. Such heat pumps are able to operate productively in any weather conditions.

We recommend Panasonic pumps, as they are the most efficient on the market:

  • COP – coefficient of performance – up to 5.08, which means that, out of every 1 kW of electric power consumed by a unit, you will obtain 4 to 5 kW of energy to heat your house. By way of contrast, COP of an electric boiler is 1;
  • High performance in harsh climatic conditions (to -28°С);
  • Guaranteed nominal capacity at low temperatures (to -20°С).

Wide range of heating capacities of Panasonic heat pumps makes it possible to find a solution for any household. Panasonic heating pumps produce very little noise that will not bother you. Besides this, it is possible to install an additional noise reduction structure. With heat pumps, you do not need to deal with fuel supply or regular maintenance of a system. A heat pump system operation is fully optimized, and all you need to do is to configure the parameters and monitor the operation process via a convenient mobile application.

Panasonic heat pumps can both be installed in new houses and used for modernization of engineering systems in existing buildings. They are most efficient when operating in conjunction with low-temperature radiators and underfloor heating. Panasonic heat pumps are highly compatible with other energy efficient technologies, for instance, with solar panels. By installing a PV system, you will minimize the amount of electricity consumed by the heat pump from the grid and make a profit from selling electricity under the feed-in tariff.

A quality air to water heat pump will allow you to cut heating costs up to 30-60%. Actual economy depends on energy efficiency of the house, climatic conditions, heat pump capacity, the existing heating system etc. By installing a Panasonic heat pump, you also get a water heating system and a cooling system for summertime.

Choose a cost-effective, sustainable and safe solution for your household!



Advantages of heat pumps



High efficiency with a COP of up to 5.08



Easy and convenient mounting, minimum maintenance



4-5 kW out of 1 kW, saving on heating bills up to 30-60%



Heat pumps can serve as a heating, cooling and water heating systems in existing and new buildings



Low noise level, easy control and configuration of parameters via a mobile app



Sustainable, green system that does not emit any harmful or toxic substances during its operation

What a customer gets


Reducing heating costs

Up to 5.08

COP of heat pumps for heating purpose

to -20°С

Nominal capacity is guaranteed

to -28°С

High performance at low temperature

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