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PV systems service maintenance

The engineering and installation center “Teplocel” offers warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance of PV systems, solar collector systems and PV water heating systems for domestic and commercial consumers. We conduct a diagnostic assessment and carry out a setup of PV systems installed by both us and other companies.

Service maintenance provided by our center includes on-site visits, diagnostics, replacement and repair of equipment and components of the system, monitoring and remote configuration. Regular service maintenance and monitoring will help you control the system’s productivity level, detect malfunctions and repair your equipment promptly, thereby reducing your costs and extending the useful life of the solar power plant.


Service maintenance will help you avoid many issues in the future. By timely troubleshooting of the PV system, you can avert more serious problems and extend the service life of equipment. In this way, you will minimize repair costs and reduce the risk of breakdown time of the solar power plant that entails decrease in income, which is especially noticeably in terms of finances in the most productive seasons. If your PV system produces little electricity, or if the inverter does not work, spits out error messages, or switches off every now and then, we advise you to seek maintenance specialist help as soon as possible.

We can guarantee a site visit on an urgent basis, malfunction diagnosis and service maintenance. Thanks to collaborating with equipment manufacturers and direct vendors in Ukraine, we carry out replacement and repair of broken equipment within a short time. Our specialists regularly attend trainings held by the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, such as SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, BMZ, Huawei and so on. We are a partner of Fronius, which allows us to service inverters by different companies: Kostal, Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge, Kaco.

Gained knowledge and skills as well as years of experience in implementation of various projects in the sphere of renewable energetics allow us to detect malfunctions and address them in the shortest time possible, thereby saving your time and money. 

PV system maintenance may include the following services:

  • Configuration and connection of the online operational monitoring featuring active notifications;
  • Remote configuration of the inverter’s parameters and the system update;
  • An immediate on-site visit by a specialist team when necessary;
  • Energy audit and PV panels testing;
  • Inverter’s operational parameters checkout;
  • Fault diagnosis of the electrical interconnections, electrical panel equipment, lightning protection and grounding;
  • Mounting systems and fixtures condition inspection;
  • Energy yield analysis;
  • Malfunction diagnosis;
  • Thermographic control of PV panels and the inverter;
  • Equipment dismantling and prompt replacement of the inverter for the PV system’s further uninterrupted operation;
  • Quick repair of failed equipment;
  • Delivery of necessary components and parts;
  • Commissioning and start-up of repaired equipment and the PV system functional testing;
  • Connection of the solar power plant to our monitoring system, remote observation by our specialist and prompt response to notifications and error.

How is our service support organized?

Request from a customer

Specialist team’s on-site visit

Problem diagnosis and failed equipment dismantling

Service, repair and replacement of equipment

Commissioning and start-up, functional check

Connection to our monitoring system


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