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BIPV systems

Among the most advanced renewable energetics solutions that have been actively developing in the world as of late, a special place is occupied by BIPV systems. BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) are PV panels integrated into the building. This can be a facade-integrated or rooftop BIPV system, BIPV windows, canopies, terraces, greenhouses and so forth. Unlike other building materials, BIPV system produces electricity and thus brings income throughout its entire useful life, which is longer than 25 years.

BIPV system is a new promising technology for businesses and households that ensures electricity saving and adds a unique architectural attractiveness to the building it is installed on.



Reducing electricity costs


Implementation of modern architecturally attractive and aesthetic solution


Improving structural features of the building


Independence of continuously increasing electricity tariffs


Long service life of BIPV systems – upwards of 25 years


Sustainable, environmentally friendly solution


PV panels in BIPV systems serve the dual role of replacing conventional building materials and producing electricity out of solar radiation. BIPV system represents not only an architecturally attractive solution, but also important additional functions: sun protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and so on. Considering cost reduction through avoiding costs of building materials and projected electricity saving, systems with integrated PV panels become a more advantageous and interesting solution for construction of new commercial and residential buildings. 

Integrated PV panels are used in different solutions:

  •       Rainscreen facade systems;
  •       Loggias, atriums, balconies;
  •       Roofing materials;
  •       Carport canopies;
  •       Shade structures and terraces;
  •       Greenhouses;
  •       Parking lots

·        Public transport stops and so on.

Фасад з вбудованими сонячними батареями

PV panels can be integrated into the building envelope by replacing traditional windows with semi-transparent thin-film or silicon solar cells. BIPV systems are most optimized economically and aesthetically when they are integrated into the building at early stages of design. Solving a concrete task takes collaboration of architects, engineers and PV system designers. Nonetheless, BIPV can be partially installed on the existing buildings – for instance, as roofing materials, canopies or shade structures. For BIPV systems, different types of solar panels can be used: classic silicon PV panels, flexible PV panels with crystalline silicon cells, thin-film solar cells, solar roof tiles, transparent PV cells, semi-transparent amorphous solar cells and so forth.

BIPV system is an individualized high-tech solution that will ensure economy and serve as a source of aesthetic pleasure for decades.



All over the world, BIPV systems are increasingly being implemented in new private and commercial projects. Solutions with integrated PV panels are interesting when used for:

  •       Office buildings;
  •       Shopping malls;
  •       Carwashes;
  •       Car and bicycle parking;
  •       Fuel filling stations;
  •       Greenhouses.

·        Facades, roofs, windows, balconies, canopies, loggias and suchlike in different types of buildings.


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