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Stand-alone PV system for businesses

There are situations when connecting a facility to the utility grid is impossible or considerably complicated. This is relevant to businesses that are located in remote sites, such as mountain shelters, hotel and restaurant compounds, moveable camps and so forth.

No matter what your needs are, there is a solution to this situation – a stand-alone PV system that will provide you with the required amount of electricity. There is no more need to spend money on fuel for noisy diesel generators. Familiarize yourself with our solar solution for your business that will ensure 90% of the required electricity.

Advantages of a stand-alone PV system


No need in a utility grid – you own an energy source that ensures up to 90% self-sufficiency.


No noise from diesel generators.


Free electricity and no costs on connection to the grid or regular maintenance of diesel generators.


High-quality equipment and components ensure stable operation of a PV system both during the day and at night.


Hermetic backup batteries, reliable wire, quality lightning protection, ground loop – all this equipment guarantees high safety standards.


Positioning your business as sustainable, attracting more customers with an ecological mindset.


Easy connection, no need in maintenance, setting up parameters remotely.


Monitoring your PV system output and your facility’s consumption via a convenient app.

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What a customer gets

Up to 90%

PV self-consumption

Upwards of 25 years

PV system service life

Reasons why a stand-alone PV system suits your needs best

A stand-alone PV plant will help your business obtain a stable source of electricity and achieve energy independence. This applies not only in cases when a grid connection is not available, but also in the event of the grid not being able to handle the load, which causes malfunctions, or when the power supply quota is not enough to develop your business. Whatever the specifics of your business are, we will pick an optimal solution that will provide all energy consumers with power supply at any time of the day and help you forget about problems with electricity. Solar energy can become the basis of your energy independence, ensure up to 90% self-sufficiency and help you avoid heavy costs awaiting you in any event – whether you try to connect to the utility grid or use a diesel generator permanently.

In the first case, the issue is not only heavy costs on connecting remote business facilities to the grid that amount to billions of hryvnias but also that you remain a hostage to fluctuations of electricity tariffs that gradually slip closer towards European level. With a stand-alone PV system, you obtain a reliable and stable source of completely free energy for the next dozens of years.

 In the second case, apart from high operating costs for diesel generators and the constant need of routine maintenance, there is a big financial risk – fuel expenses that depend on many factors beyond your control. Considering the costs on fuel and operating costs, a PV system, on the contrary, will pay off within a few years and serve you as a reliable source of electricity for years to come. In addition, you will use a diesel generator only in cases of extreme need that may arise in the wintertime when a stand-alone PV system power generation is not enough.

Автономна сонячна електростанція Автономна сонячна електростанція

Provide your business with a convenient solution that can be easily optimized to meet your needs. We will offer you a system that will cater to your request and give you recommendations on how to reduce your power consumption in order to economize. Modern stand-alone PV plants are very easy in operation, and technologies allow for online control and monitoring. Depending on a stage of business development, different electric power is required, this is why a PV system we will offer you can be expanded at any time in accordance with your business’ increasing needs.

Besides that, a solar power plant is a marketing ploy to position your business as sustainable and attract more customers with progressive attitude.

What we can offer you

A solar power plant is a set of equipment that generates electricity from solar radiation and provides it for the facility’s current needs, while the surplus electricity is sent to charge the backup batteries to be used during the night.

A stand-alone PV system must be designed such that it provides power supply for the facility even under conditions of little or no solar radiation, for instance, during periods of overcast weather. This is ensured through the adequate amount of PV panels and sufficient battery capacity; also, a PV system must be equipped with a small diesel generator as a source of backup power. A proper design of a PV system requires a detailed calculation of the facility’s consumption during the day and at night.

The team of the engineering and installation center “Teplocel” is committed to providing every customer with an optimal solution to their task to help economize and get a long-term profitable project. The process of ordering a solar power plant is maximally easy and transparent for a customer and ensures constant communication with our team at every stage of it in case any issues arise. 

Please, look at the screenshot of a monitoring system implemented for the solar power plant installed by our center for a mountain shelter in the Carpathian Mountains, Ivano-Frankivska oblast’. As you can see from the screenshot, even in February, 90% of the shelter’s consumption is covered by the PV array output, 10% – by the backup energy source (generator).


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