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Installation of PV systems

The engineering and installation center “Teplocel” offers installation, commissioning and start-up of different types of solar power plants, solar thermal systems and other renewable energy systems. We provide a full range of services – from delivering equipment to the site and installation to the setup of monitoring systems and maintenance. We have years of experience and dozens of successful installations under our belt, and our specialists have licenses and certificates that allow them to carry out electrical works as well as works at height, also, they regularly attend trainings and seminars held by the world’s best equipment manufacturers, such as SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius, Huawei and so on.

The best technical and material basis in Western Ukraine, as well as knowledge and experience gained over years of work allow us to do our job in the best possible way and guarantee reliability, productivity and durability of PV systems we install.



Solar power plant is a complex engineering project, and so its installation requires a serious approach. Not only reliability and the useful life of the plant depend on this, but also your safety.

The most important thing for us is a quality of work, which is why we perform installations exclusively in compliance with all the existing electrical regulations and standards, State Construction Norms (DBN) and manufacturers’ requirements. In our work, we use the most modern equipment that we regularly upgrade. We begin with concluding an agreement for installation, commissioning and start-up with our customer; in the contract, we describe terms and conditions of the installation performance.

 Installation of a PV system includes the following stages:

  • Mounting systems installation

The engineering and installation center “Teplotsil” offers installation of different types of PV systems: facade-mounted, rooftop (both on pitched and flat roofs), ground-mount systems (static and tracking), weatherproof solar carport canopies, solar trackers and so on. Works on a roof are performed exclusively using industrial climbing gear and by specialists having required permits. We install quality Kripter mounting systems made of aluminum and stainless steel that ensure durability and reliability of the solar plant construction. Such mounting systems, thanks to a special manufacturing technology and special treatment, have excellent corrosion resistance properties and are weatherproof (resistant to strong wind, rain and suchlike). Poor installation of mounting systems for roof-mounted PV panels and the use of cheap materials shorten not only the useful life of the solar power plant, but also one of the roof.

Монтаж кріплень для сонячної електростанції Монтаж наземних кріплень для сонячної електростанції

  • PV panels installation.

After the installation of mounting systems, PV panels are mounted. Specialists of the engineering and installation center “Teplotsil” always leave an air gap between PV panels for ventilation purpose, since its absence will lead to their overheating, which can result in decrease in their efficiency. PV panels are positioned at an optimal angle that is calculated by our engineers during the design stage. 
Встановлення сонячних батарей на даху ОСББ Монтаж сонячних батарей під Зелений тариф

  •     Inverter installation.

Inverters are installed in places that are suitable according to operational requirement for such equipment. IP65 inverters can be mounted outdoors. After the inverter is mounted, the next step is the installation of cable management systems, which we perform in compliance with electrical regulations and norms. To protect the inverter from overcurrent, we install a full set of internal lightning protection equipment (type 1+2+3). Many companies, in order to cheapen a project, do not install a proper lightning protection, or use inexpensive and poor-quality equipment. In such cases, any grid overload can cause a complete or partial failure in operation of the PV array and the inverter, and sometimes it can even lead to an electrical fire. If this happens, equipment is not subject to warranty repair, since it operated without proper protection. blank Мережеві інвертори Fronius

  • Protection equipment installation.

Thanks to a properly installed protection equipment, your PV system will be completely protected from any current overloads and overvoltages. This guarantees not only safe exploitation of the solar power station, but also reliable and long-term operation of all its components. The set of equipment comprises AC/DC protection to protect the inverter from current overloads in case of short circuits, surge discharges in the event of a lightning strike and so on). To protect the PV system from the grid failures (increase in rated current, leakage current in case of electrical cable failure), our engineers install AC protection, which includes circuit breakers, surge arresters (protection devices), RCD (residual current device). It is mandatory to install switch disconnectors that allow to completely de-energize an electrical circuit for service or maintenance. To protect cable lines and PV panels from a direct lightning strike, we install external lightning protection. For external lightning protection, as well as for grounding systems, only corrosion-resistant metals, such as zinc plated and stainless steel or aluminum are used. Зовнішній блискавкозахист дахуПолоса заземлення

  • Commissioning and start-up.

Once all the equipment has been installed, specialists of engineering and installation center “Teplotsil” proceed to the integration of the PV system into the electrical installation and parameter checkout. After this, we perform an inverter online monitoring setup that allows real-time tracking of the PV system production and parameters of all components of the plant. Thus, in the event of any complications, there is no need for a site visit, as most of issues can be solved remotely. Inverter monitoring connection requires access to the Internet on site. The final stage of commissioning and start-up is thermographic control of PV panels and the inverter. Each panel is examined for the presence of any overheating by a thermal camera. In this way, we make sure there are no defective diodes or small cracks in the panels. 

  • Checking the equipment and analysis of the quality of work performed
  • Connecting a PV system to the grid
  • Starting and checking the parameters of PV modules and inverter
  • Inverter monitoring settings (if there is an Internet on the site)
  • Thermographic inspection of PV modules, inverter and other equipment
  • Installation of construction and mounting of PV modules
  • Laying wires and installing an inverter
  • Installation of AC/DC protective equipment
  • Installation and adjustment of lightning protection and grounding
  • Connecting a PV system to the grid
  • Starting and checking the parameters of photomodules and inverter
  • Monitoring settings
  • Thermographic inspection

Preparatory stage

Project acceptance, delivery of equipment to the site

Mounts and PV panels installation

Installation of ground-mount or rooftop mounting systems in accordance with the project, installation of PV panels

Inverter installation

Installation of the inverter and cable management systems, connecting the inverter to the utility grid

Protection equipment installation

Installation of internal lightning protection, external lightning protection and grounding

Commissioning and start-up

Grid connection, checkout of operational parameters, thermographic control

Monitoring connection

Connection of PV plant monitoring system, support, maintenance and upgrade

Gallery of installation of the PV system

Order calculation

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