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Solar water heating systems for business

Nowadays, many companies use large amounts of hot water in their work activity. Among them are car washes, recreational compounds, hotel and restaurant compounds, agricultural businesses, food production facilities and so on. High hot water demand entails high expenditures on electricity or gas to enable a business process. 

If your business’ hot water consumption is high and you wish to economize 50 to 80% of what it costs to heat water, then there is a solution for you – solar hot water system.

Advantages of solar water heating system


Cutting your electricity bills by 50-80%


Independence of increasing utility tariffs, the use of free energy source


Quality equipment and proper calculation will ensure maximal thermal output


Tailoring a solution to your needs with on option of further expanding


Quality components will provide for your needs for at least two decades


Green electricity will position your business as sustainable and attract more clients

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Reasons why solar energy is the best solution for your business

Solar collector system or solar thermal system is a simple and reliable water heating system to help you reduce your electricity or gas bills and protect your business from tariffs growth. Economy depends on the system’s efficiency, hot water consumption and the required water temperature, but, in any way, it is not less than 50 to 80%. Since an average payback period of a solar collector system is 5 years and its service life is approximately 30 years, you can count on more than two decades of free energy with no fuel expenses.  

Solar collector system integrates into the existing water heating system based on the use of electricity or fossil fuel. It will deal with the main load of work, extend the usable life of your traditional water heating system and increase their combined efficiency. From April to September, a solar thermal system will ensure up to 80% of your business’ hot water demand.

Solar thermal systems are most effective for businesses characterized by seasonal increase in hot water consumption, for instance, agricultural businesses or hotel and restaurant compounds, including heating water for swimming pools. The system will be completely tailored to your needs, in order to ensure continuous water supply and maximal return on investments. We offer you a quality equipment that minimizes heat losses and ensures high efficiency even in cloudy weather or during the wintertime.

Solar collectors position your company as sustainable, which improves your brand’s image and can be considered as part of your marketing strategy. Green technologies and carbon footprint reduction are global trends helping you attract new customers and get more profit out of your business. Improve your company’s profitability, invest saved funds in development of business processes and enjoy all the advantages of the solar water heating system.

We use a comprehensive approach to design and install a solar water heating system and guarantee a quality solution with the best possible value and performance.

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What a customer gets


Saving on utility bills

Upwards of 25 years

Service life of the system

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