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Autonomous solar-powered street lighting

Autonomous or stand-alone solar lighting is the best variant of lighting in situations when obtaining grid connection is complicated, impossible, or too expensive. 

Such solution becomes a necessity for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers in cases when they need lighting for streets, remote parking lots, dangerous pedestrian crossings, parks, squares, sidewalks and other sites with no electricity grid available. Installation of solar-powered street lighting eliminates the necessity to pay for electricity, thus, saved funds can be spent on your organization’s essential needs.

We offer you a high-quality productive solution that is weatherproof, easily installed and does not require maintenance.


The operating principle of solar-powered street lighting

The streetlight is powered by a small solar plant comprising a PV panel, gel battery and charge controller. During the day, the PV panel generates electricity from solar radiation and, using the controller, charges the battery to be used at night. The battery ensures sufficient power level for 10 hours of continuous lighting. The charge controller, besides the function of the battery power level control, also has the function of regulating the streetlight’s operating modes: turning on automatically depending on lighting intensity, continuous operation and operation at predetermined intervals (several hours after it gets dark and several hours in the morning before dawn).

The PV panel goes with mounts that allow installing it on any structure ensuring the panel’s maximally effective orientation.

The gel battery and the charge controller are placed in a protective steel box. It is recommended to bury the box with the battery underground in order to ensure its better performance in winter conditions.

Автономне вуличне освітлення

What does a solar-powered street lighting system comprise?

A set of equipment for a stand-alone solar-powered street lighting includes the following components:

  •       LED light;
  •       330 W monocrystalline PV panel;
  •       Gel battery:
  •       Charge controller PL ALS;
  •       Metal box IP65 with a console;
  •       PV panel mounts with lightning protections;
  •       LED light mounting hardware;
  • MC4 connector – 4 pieces.

Advantages of autonomous solar-powered lighting


Independence of the utility grid, no need to pay electricity bills


Efficient PV panel ensures sufficient power output to charge the battery and provide lighting at night


Quality equipment and components guarantee the system is weatherproof and ensure its reliable performance


Easy installation, any structure can be used for mounting a PV panel, LED light and box.

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