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Solar collector systems

At the engineering and installation center “Teplocel”, we sell, design and install different types of solar collector system (or solar thermal system) – seasonal or year-round, with vacuum or flat solar collectors. By installing a solar collector system, not only you meet your hot water needs and save on fuel you would use with a traditional water heating system, but also get to partially heat your house the between the seasons period.

Thanks to a solar thermal system, it is possible to cover up to 90% of your hot water demand in summertime and up to 50% of your heating demand in the between the seasons period. Specialists of the engineering and installation center “Teplocel” has more than 10-year experience of different types of solar collector systems installation and are ready to offer you an optimal solution – the best value for your money.



Solar collector is the key component of a solar thermal system that converts solar radiation into heat that is then used to heat water. There are two types of solar collectors: vacuum and flat. It is better to choose a certain type, based on the purpose a solar collector system will be used for. If year-round use is the priority, then vacuum solar collectors are recommended, since they are more efficient in wintertime. In case of seasonal use of a solar collector system, you can choose flat solar collectors that show higher performance in summer.

The engineering and installation center “Teplocel” advises choosing trusted solar collectors, such as Hewalex, Atmosfera and so on, with high thermal insulation and solar radiation absorption properties even in low light. Operational life of a quality solar collector is upwards of 20 years.

Сонячний колекторГеліосистема для приватного готелю


Насосна група BRV Wilo ST

The main purpose of a pump group is pumping heat carrier fluid through the solar collector system’s closed-loop circuit between a solar collector and a storage tank and relieving excess pressure in case the solar collector system overheats. A pump group comprises a circulating pump, a relieve valve, a temperature and pressure sensor and a flowmeter. A pump station must be surrounded by an insulating jacket to minimize heat loss. An installed flowmeter allows for measuring the pump group’s productivity. The purpose of a temperature sensor is to measure the heat carrier’s temperature, and a relieve pump prevents overheating of a collector in the event of excess pressure.

We recommend choosing quality pump groups by Novasfer (Italy) with the Wilo ST circulating pump meant for operating with high-temperature heat carriers.



Контроллер для геліосистеми 2

The purpose of a solar controller is control over a solar collector system and ensuring automatic operation mode. Controllers not only allow to control the process of filling the tank with water and keep the heat carrier at the desired level but also perform a protection function and enable operation-mode control of the tubular heating element as well as manual control of the system.

Among controllers’ functions are regulating the water supply in accordance with the desired time interval, heating the tubular heating element in manual mode, protecting the system from overheating, saving system settings in the event of a power outage, remote access and data recording.


Depending on a type of solar collector system and a site’s features (the existent of certain equipment on site), during installation, following equipment may be required:

  • Indirect water heater with tubular heating element;
  • Water storage tank;
  • Mounts and racks for a solar collector;
  • Hydraulic accumulator;
  • Corrugated pipe;
  • High-temperature insulation;
  • Air vent valve
  • Solar thermal system heat carrier;
  • Fittings and plumbing equipment.

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Advantages of solar collector systems



Quality equipment enables high efficiency even on cloudy days



Using your own hot water supply, saving on utility bills



Proper design and quality equipment guarantee service life upwards of 20 years



It is possible to find a solution for any household and integrate a solar thermal system into the existing electric power system

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