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Thermographic inspection

Thermographic inspection is a modern instrumental method for detection of heat losses and defects of external and internal structures and heating systems. Thermographic inspection allows detecting faults in thermal insulation and structures of buildings, by addressing which it is possible to reduce costs of heating up to 70%! As a result of such diagnostics, you will get a clear picture of heat losses in your house/office/other facility and be able to take measures to address them. This will allow you to considerably economize on heating and get rid of such problems as draughts and high humidity that not only hamper creating a comfortable microclimate inside the house, but also have a negative impact on residents’ health.  

Since the cost of energy sources grows significantly every year, it is important to make your house or apartment energy efficient. By detecting areas where most home heat losses occur, you will be able to properly plan renovation works and avoid the need for thermal insulation in the foreseeable future.


Express analysis with unprocessed thermograms is a basic procedure that is carried out for any customer who orders a thermographic inspection at the engineering and installation center “Teplotsil”. Using a thermal imaging camera (also called a thermographic camera), our specialist will scan external and internal structures of the house or apartment: the facade, walls, windows, joints between floor/ceiling and walls, corners and the heating system (all in one image).

In the presence of the house’s owner, our engineer carries out a thermographic inspection and draws the customer’s attention to all detected defects. Within a week after conduction of the inspection, we send the customer an unprocessed thermogram (thermographic image) of the house. Express analysis with processed thermograms includes also thermographic inspection of external and internal structures for the presence of any heat losses. The difference between unprocessed and processed thermograms is that the latter are complemented, using a special software program, by values of temperature difference in areas where air leakage occurs, dew point designation etc. It is necessary for customers who want to have more detailed information on severity of defects in the structures; the information is also essential for assessment of the effect of the insulation works conducted.

Термограма тепловізор FLIR Термограма тепловізор FLIR Термограма тепловізор FLIR


Full analysis includes a report on conduction of a thermographic inspection. The report is sent to the customer within 4 weeks after conduction of the inspection and includes all processed thermograms of the place with descriptions of defects and recommendations on how to address them. An example of a report can be viewed here: Report on a thermographic inspection of a house.

A report on results of a thermographic inspection is oftentime ordered by companies or private persons owning large space buildings or in the event of numerous defects revealed by the inspection. A report helps systematize all detected shortcomings and highlight the most problematic among them that require immediate addressing.


Specialists of the engineering and installation center “Teplocel” have a long experience in carrying out a thermographic inspection that allows them to professionally assess and classify detected defects and give recommendations for their addressing. Our engineers use a modern Flir E8 thermographic camera that produces quality and accurate infrared images. The device has a resolution of 320×240 pixels and high thermal sensitivity – up to 0,06 degrees. Thanks to the MSX technology (multi-spectral dynamic imaging) that, using an internal digital camera, allows bringing together the visual and thermal spectrum, it is possible to get a detailed thermal image that is enhanced by key aspects of a scene embossed on it and includes numbers, marks, etc. A thermographic inspection comprises the following steps:

  • Thermographic scan of external structures of the building to detect areas of heat losses that occur due to settlement or insufficient thermal insulation;
  • Searching for hidden cracks in constructions, through which warm air is leaking out, and other defects causing air leakage;
  • Scanning the building both outside and inside: window and door openings, translucent structures, window frames;
  • Inspection of the building’s foundation, attics and basements (provided unimpeded access to the latter);
  • Inspection of chimneys and air ducts;
  • Searching for cold bridges – areas in a building where the most intensive heat losses occur;
  • Collecting temperature and humidity data for microclimate analysis and searching for areas of high humidity.

Термограма вікна Термограма вікна Термограма вікна


Before conducting a thermographic inspection, it is necessary to warm up a building/house/room properly. It is desired to have heating turned on 3 days prior to an inspection. The minimum allowable difference of temperatures outside and inside of the building is 14-15°, but the preferred temperature difference is nearly 20°С.  In other words, if the outside temperature is 0°С, the temperature inside of the building must be at least 20°С. Such difference allows determining temperature changes in problematic areas.

Besides that, quality of a thermographic inspection is defined by the sunlight and precipitation. A cloudy, dry day is optimal for carrying out a thermographic scan, or it also can be done in the period before dawn or after sunset. Prior to conduction of an inspection, it is necessary to refrain from any renovation works that significantly affect temperature inside of a building, such as replacement of windows and doors, installation of a recuperator or air conditioner etc. Please, note that a thermographic inspection of heat-insulated floors, heating systems or electrical appliances can be carried out in any weather conditions throughout the year.

  • 7 UAH per 1 Sq m
Analysis with processes thermograms
  • 10 UAH per 1 Sq m
  • 14 UAH per 1 Sq m

You need a thermographic inspection if

You receive

high heating bills, or if water condensation occurs on the walls/ceilings;

You are interested in

maximal energy efficiency of your house, apartment or office;

You plan

to buy/rent an apartment or a house and you want to assess the condition of thermal insulation;

You want

to detect problematic areas and defects of thermal insulation in order to thoroughly plan adequate measures on addressing them;

You have finished

renovation works/installation of windows or doors/installation of thermal insulation and want to assess the quality of the works conducted;

You have such problems as

leaks and other faults in your heating system.

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