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Design of solar power plants

At the engineering and installation center “Teplocel”, we design different types of solar power plants (also known as PV systems) for households, businesses and state institutions.

A PV system project is a feasibility study that contains all the information regarding the layout, connection, generation and other characteristics of a future solar plant. Based on the project, a customer can draw conclusions about an economical expediency of the installation of a PV system, and an installation company can conduct further installation followed by commissioning and start-up. A custom-tailored project will help calculate the best configuration of a solar plant – with maximal output at minimal costs.

Please, note that in case of further cooperation we return money paid by you for the PV system project.

Ordering a design of a solar plant at our center, you can be confident that we will collect all the necessary information and offer you a comprehensive cost-effective solution that will serve you for decades.


Creating a project of a solar plant includes consecutive stages, implementation of which results in a detailed, comprehensive report on technical and economic characteristics of the potential plant and its electrical parameters.  

  •       Site evaluation in terms of its suitability for the installation of a PV system (orientation, slope angle, shading) and the desired output of the plant.
  •       Research on the current and desired electricity demand of the property, if necessary – installing a smart monitoring device to track power consumption.
  •       Selection of equipment for the solar power plant, calculation of electrical parameters of operation.
  •       PV panels and inverter spatial layout design; creating a 3D model of the plant.
  •       Design of racking systems, protective equipment, grounding and lightning protection for the PV plant.
  •       Calculation of the expected yield of the solar power plant using a specialized software that simulates the operation of the system.
  •       Developing a quotation proposal and calculating the payback period for the solar power plant.
  •       Presenting a report on the design of the PV system to a customer.



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After the design is complete, you will receive a technical report that includes the following information:

  •       Description of the PV system considering the site’s physical and geographical characteristics (orientation, slope angle, shading, PV panels and inverter spatial layout and so on);
  •       Configuration of equipment, specifying the number of PV panels in every string, nominal power output, voltage, amperage and so forth;
  •       Full description of the suggested equipment, specifying its mechanical and electrical parameters;
  •       Calculation of the generation and yearly output of the solar power plant considering the geographical location of the site, the intensity of solar radiation in the place of the potential PV system installation and expected power losses;
  •       Visualization of the PV panels spatial layout from different angles and in 3D;
  •       Bill of materials needed for installation of PV panels and recommendations on performing grounding, lightning protection and AC/DC protection of the solar power plant followed by an approximate list of necessary equipment;
  •       Quotation proposal, specifying the cost of the main and additional equipment and installation works;
  •       Calculation of the payback period of the PV system considering initial investment, expected output and projected tariffs.


  • 2000 UAH
  • 3000 UAH


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